by Siobhan

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Rating: G

Series:  5/5

Summary: Pre-TPM.  Small piece about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan relaxing at home this time.  Obi-Wan is around 20 years old..

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Notes:  Everything in //  // is Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan talking through their bond.


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Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn exited the Council chambers releasing his frustration in a deep exhalation as the doors sealed quietly behind him.  The air compressed by the sliding door causing his robes to blow gently around his boots.


At best the Council could be trying, at worst they were exasperating and stubborn, drawing out every bit of information and viewing it from every angle that twelve different lifeforms could possible see.  Today had been one of the worst.  The Jedi Master and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi had returned two days ago from Latraides a small planet on the Outer Rim where Obi-Wan had been abducted to.  Rescuing his apprentice had been trying, and coming face to face with his old enemy had unnerved the older Jedi.  Their escape had required every ounce of skill and every drop of patience the Jedi team could master.  Together they had handled the situation and returned mostly unharmed but the Council had questions.  Always questions, and questions that led to more questions.  Both Jedi had been summoned the morning after their return to give an accounting of what had transpired and today they had requested Qui-Gon come back to clarify some of the more muted points of the details.  After two and a half hours of grilling little details one would think there would be no more to discuss, but as always the Council could be counted on to find more.


Running his fingers through his hair trying to smooth frayed nerves with the familiar gesture he turned left and strode determinedly away from the source of his vexation.  Idly he found himself searching for his Padawan.  Still recouperating from his injuries, the young man had stayed behind informing his Master that he would take care of the house and could be found later in the small garden behind their apartment, when the “grand inquisition” was over – as Obi-Wan so irreverently referred to the Council’s summons.  His student had always been a source of joy and contradiction.  The older Jedi had often sought out comfort and peace in the midst of daily pressures in the presence of his Padawan.  Whenever Qui-Gon found himself overwhelmed or frustrated by the turmoil that so often surrounded and encompassed their lives he could count on the small bastion of strength near him, usually only two steps behind ready to lend his support.  And on many occasions he provided the most unexpected quick wit, finding humor in even the most trying circumstance. 


Desperately needing that support and fresh look on life at the moment he sought out Obi-Wan.


Single-mindedly he headed towards their rooms politely responding to those who greeted him and gracefully turning down offers of company or diversion.  One thing occupied his mind, time away from the rush of life, time with the one person who could heal his soul and provide everything his weary mind needed.  He had seen so little of his apprentice the last few days with all the demands pressed upon them by the Council and the duties that they still held in the temple.  Their vacations together were a distant memory, fast receding, erased by daily pressures.


As he neared their dwelling his pace quickened in anticipation, his thoughts reaching out searching for Obi-Wan’s signature, his presence.  The living quarters were empty and the low calming voice of his Padawan did not answer his calls.






A soft incoherent murmur whispered through their bond followed by a deep contented sigh that the Jedi Master could feel stretching languidly between them.  The feelings calmed his frayed nerves bringing a lopsided smile to the stern lips and drawing him to the door that led to the garden out back. 


“Padawan?”  He called softly into the yard his voice captured and dampened by the greenery which over hung their tiny private part of the garden that wove through the temple grounds, a luxury afforded only to the Masters.


Another slow deep intake as though from a mind on the verges of sleep, in that place where the dreams lie just between the light of wakening and the dark of renewing slumber, //Here// the word purred sleepily through their bond.  The soft call caused the Master to glance to his left near the large valla tree growing in the corner of the yard overhung with small dainty white and pink blossoms, it’s branches weighted with color.


Below in the shade afforded by the old tree, lay his Padawan.  Stretched out on the soft green grass, a bed of moss and petals cushioned him as he slept.  He lay on his back his arms folded peacefully across his chest, his robe removed and waded into a ball – just the way Qui-Gon hated because of the wrinkles it would have later – was placed under his head, an impromptu pillow.  His boots were crossed comfortably at the ankles and a small contented smile set his lips slightly apart as the Jedi Master felt his sleep deepen and his awareness of the teacher fade blissfully in the feelings of safety that radiated through the garden. 


Qui-Gon stood patiently on the patio waiting until he could feel his Padawan slip back into sleep before he stepped out onto the mossy grass quietly padding up to the still form.  Giving in to the desire to simply watch the sleeping man before him, he knelt slowly behind Obi-Wan, the thick grassy carpet insulating his movements allowing the still peace of the garden to absorb the soft sounds and cushion his descent.  His robe spread out behind him floating down seconds after he had settled himself.  The large strong hands of his student laying across the well muscled chest twitched slightly as sleep altered its' pattern releasing part of his consciousness to his Masters presence.  Dark eyelashes swept down across pale handsome cheeks and Qui-Gon found himself selfishly hoping those eyes would open if only for a moment so he could glimpse the blue-green orbs they sheltered.  As if in response to his unspoken request the body before him drew in a deep breath, muscles stretching the fabric taught around the chest as slits of foggy blue-green stared sleepily up at him for mere seconds before slowly being reclaimed to sleep.


A small deep laugh emanated from the Master as a half smile played at the corners of Obi-Wans mouth.


“Master….?”  The words slurred and slow from the half conscious student were barely a whisper.


“Yes Padawan?”




“Yes I’m through.”


“Pestering, bothersome old…”


“Obi-Wan!  Don’t be impertinent.  The Council had important questions.”  The warning that cut off his apprentice was tinted with humor as was the responding snort the words invoked.  "You know how the Council is as well as I do Padawan.  We have a duty to.."


"Duty! Ha!  I say we go on another vacation."  The retort was short and clipped.  "Would serve them right."


"Yes, we'd probably actually end up getting ourselves killed this time and then they really wouldn’t have to worry about us.  Is that it Padawan?", the sarcastic comment caused the young man's smile to widen.


The soft laughter turned into a bout of giggles that effectively brought the sleeping Jedi fully awake, doubling him in half with the mirth the statement effected.


"And you find that funny do you young one?"


"Yes…Yes Master….I was just…I was…," the effort to speak through his laughter made Qui-Gon smile as the Padawan rolled over and braced himself up on his elbows to look into the others face, "I was just imagining us getting anyone to allow us to borrow their ship.  What after the last few times."


"Yes well we did bring the last one back intact need I remind you?"






"Sheer luck", the young Jedi mumble under his breath eliciting a bark of surprised laughter from his Master.


Amused by the interchange, Qui-Gon had every intention of continuing the playful argument, but he could sense the weariness in his Padawan, and the pain that his still healing wounds created.  The young man needed rest.


The older Jedi sent his Apprentice a wave of the Force though their bond, bidding him to sleep and heal.  Before the force induced sleep could take effect however, Obi-Wan grabbed his waded up impromptu pillow, placed it in Qui-Gons lap much to his teachers surprise and lay his head back down.  Closing his eyes he repositioned himself and proceeded to drift back off to sleep


"Obi-Wan?", he questioned experimentally.


“Rest Qui-Gon, rest”, the mumbled words were breathed softly from the now half awake apprentice.


Qui-Gon tightened his hold on the young man in his arms letting his own tension ease out of his body lulled into peace by the warmth and contentment asleep in his lap.  Yes, this was what he had needed, time alone with Obi-Wan always cured the warring in his soul.  The coolness of the shade tree and the stillness in the garden only added to his sense of serenity.  He was amazed to find himself completely satisfied to simply sit and hold the one who had come to mean as much to him as if he were his own son.  If Obi-Wan wanted to sleep the afternoon away then he would gladly stay here until the other woke.  This, he decided, was better than a vacation.


Absently, stroking the soft spiky hair he silently sent his happiness wending through their bond, //I love you Padawan//


//And I you, Master// came the response whispered back from the depths of his heart, love that couldn’t be stilled even in sleep.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


The End

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